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HT-Nill Capsule (20 Capsule)

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Key Features

  • Reduces narrowness and clean the clogged arteries
  • Regulates cholesterol levels
  • Relieves anxiety and nervousness
  • Quick impact on hypertension
  • Releases necessary elements to reduce the pressure
  • Prevents the shrinking of blood vessels
  • Relieves heart and maintains blood pressure
  • No side effect risk
  • 100% safe and natural combination
  • Long term impact

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High Blood Pressure Treatment: Hashmi HT-Nil Capsule

This precious High Blood Pressure Treatment brings much-desired comfort to your heart and soul. The issue of High blood pressure not only causes pain and problems in daily life but also brings much greater risks with it. A person who suffers from this issue remains deprived in every active and lively moment of life. The heavy dosage of capsules and injections make the body a piece of small medical store, but not anymore. Hashmi pharmacy has brought the most effective, highly responsive, pure herbal treatment of high blood pressure based on the ancient natural medication. The capsule is made to give you the freedom and space that you have longed for.

High Blood Pressure Treatment – A stimulator that knows its job perfectly

This treatment for high blood pressure is made to bring the most soothing impact and give the stable alternative for the issue. High Blood Pressure Treatment medicine is a blend of magical natural herbs that are prepared using the knowledge of ancient natural herbs, the experience of famous Haqeem Hashmi Ji, research and testing of state of the art lab and the various aspects of modern discoveries.

Why High Blood Pressure Treatment is Necessary with Proper Care?

High Blood Pressure Treatment though it is not a question that should be counted it is seen that many people live with it, accepting it as the shortcoming gifted to them by life. It is not the truth. The issue is, in most cases, the result of one`s own carelessness. So when you suffer from it, it is you who can curb it.

So, it does not matter you are searching for High Blood Pressure Treatment in hindi or English. You are at right place.

High Blood Pressure Treatment Symptoms that are Generally Observed

These are the basic symptoms that a person faces when he suffers from High Blood Pressure Treatment issue:

  • Headache – that generally lasts for days
  • Shortness of breath
  1. Oral contraceptives and medication drugs
  2. Inactive lifestyle – The other major reason of having the blood pressure issue is that you do nothing in your life. Exercise is very important for exercise. It keeps your body fit in various scenarios.
  3. Gender – The High BP cases are mostly seen in men.
  4. Smoking – The smoke thickens the blood vessels and hardens the veins that slows down the flow of blood and heart puts extra pressure to push the blood.
  5. High fat diet – The fatty food contain elements that gets stored in the arteries.
  6. Mental stress – The unnecessary or excess mental stress puts extra pressure on the nervous system and in turn on the heart.
  7. Diabetes – As you already know it.
  8. Pregnancy – It is a kind of temporary BP issue which could remain for a long time of proper medication is not done.


Rauwolfia serpentina-100mg, Terminalia arjuna-100mg, Inula racemosa/Iris germanica-50mg, Boerhaavia diffusa-50mg, Withania somnifea-50mg, Tinospora cordifolia-50mg, Bacopa monnieri-50mg, Trigonella foenum-graecum-20mg, Yakuti rasayan-25mg, Processed coral-20mg, Processed peri-5mg

Dosage of High Blood Pressure Treatment

Recommended dosage is 2 capsules a day. Kindly contact our specialists for the right prescription as per individual conditions.

As the world is progressing towards new dimensions of revolution and technology, men are falling more and more for general issues. Take HT Nil capsule for high blood pressure treatment natural and safe and free yourself from the clutches of restrictions and limitations that turn a man into a slave.

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HT-Nill Capsule

HT-Nill Capsule (20 Capsule)

Rs. 891Rs. 999 (-11%)

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